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The musical world is better for the results, both the inspiring majority and the few releases that are underwhelming. I know about his underwhelming enthusiasm for the measure that we are debating and speak merely to support him. Her senior campaign was solid, but a little underwhelming as she averaged only 9.7 points per game 6.7 rebounds per game. However, due to the albums underwhelming sales, no more singles containing those tracks were released, meaning that the planned b-sides were locked in the vaults. After undergoing several casting adjustments and receiving underwhelming ratings, the series was canceled in 2010, after airing two seasons. The beer is light-bodied with faint sweet notes and negligible bitterness, leading to reviews characterizing it as a... beer of underwhelming blandness. Early public reaction to preview footage resulted in underwhelming assumptions that the game would simply be solving simple maze puzzles. Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không thể hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên inlichtet.vn inlichtet.vn hoặc của inlichtet.vn University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép.

Bạn đang xem: Underwhelming là gì


to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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