make allowance(s) for (someone or something)

1. To prepare adequately for someone or something. My whole family is coming to Thanksgiving dinner now, so you better make allowance for seven more people at the table. The weather there is pretty inconsistent at this time of year, so make allowances for that when you pack.2. To be forgiving or accepting of someone or something due to special circumstances. When the weather is this bad, the company makes allowance for Gina"s tardiness because she has a very long commute. The teachers have been kind enough to make allowances for Jake this semester after his mother"s sudden death.See also: make

make allowance(s)

(for someone or something) 1.

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to allow time, space, food, etc., for someone or something. When planning the party, please make allowances for John and his family. I"m making allowance for ten extra guests.

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2. to make excuses or explanations for someone or something; to take into consideration the negative effects of someone or something. You"re very late even when we make allowance for the weather. We have to make allowance for the age of the house when we judge its condition.See also: allowance, make

make allowance for

Also, make allowances for. Take into account extenuating circumstances, as in We have to make allowance for Jeff; he"s very new to the business, or Grandma is always making allowances for the children"s bad manners. See also: allowance, make

make alˈlowances for somebody

not judge somebody too strictly because of certain problems or difficulties: The court was asked to make allowances for the age of the accused.See also: allowance, make, somebody

make allowance

/allowances for1. To take into consideration when planning something.2. To make excuses for or treat with leniency.See also: allowance, makeSee also:
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