A limited liability company is an independent form of enterprise, owned by the company owner or its members with financial obligations & other types of assets within the charter capital or scope of committed contributions capital upon establishment of an enterprise is recognized by law.

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Limited liability company with 02 forms: Single thành viên limited liability company and limited liability company with two or more members.

Company Limited Features:

– A limited liability company has an independent status. In other words, the limited liability company has all the conditions khổng lồ be recognized as a legal entity according khổng lồ Article 74 of the 2015 Civil Code.

– Capital contributing members of limited liability companies may be individuals or organizations that contribute part or all of the charter capital when establishing a company. In particular, one thành viên limited liability company owned by the owner contributes the entire charter capital.

 As for a two-member limited liability company, the number of members participating in a capital contribution may be from 2 to lớn 50 members.

In case a limited liability company wishes to change its charter capital through the khung of mobilizing capital contribution from outside, it must be converted inkhổng lồ a limited liability company with two or more members or a joint stoông xã company.

For a limited liability company with two or more members, when more than 50 members contribute capital, they must be converted into joint-stoông chồng companies.

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– The company’s owner is only responsible for the debts và other financial obligations in the capital stated in the charter when establishing the company with one member limited liability company.

As for a limited liability company with two or more members, members participating in the capital contribution must be responsible for the financial obligations for the amount of capital committed to contribute khổng lồ the enterprise.

– Limited liability companies may issue bonds, however, this type of law cannot issue shares.


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1/ A limited liability company may have one or more legal representatives.

2/ Up khổng lồ 03 representatives can be authorized if they own at least 35% of the charter capital in case the thành viên of limited liability company is an organization.

3/ In case the property is subject lớn ownership registration & the value of l& use right, members of the limited liability company must carry out the transfer of ownership of the property and l& use right lớn the company at the competent agency permission.

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