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For example, ischemic injuries that can selectively damage the medial temporal lobe, such as strokes & cardiac arrest, rarely occur in children.
One patient required reoperation due khổng lồ infective sầu endocarditis of the bio-prosthesis while another, who was in cardiac arrest before surgery, had neurological damage.
Aước ao 144 young people (35 years) who died suddenly because of cardiovascular disease, 14 had a "mechanical" and 130 an "arrhythmic" cardiac arrest.
The survival rate in cardiac arrest patients is 3 to 5 percent in out-of-hospital settings and 10 khổng lồ 20 percent in hospital settings (17).
Finally, we counted all the "yes" values khổng lồ estimate the current survival rate following cardiac arrest in hospital settings.
Following a technically satisfactory arterial switch procedure, this child had a sudden cardiac arrest 36 hours after the repair.
Continuous electrocardiogram monitoring showed sudden cardiac arrest 15 minutes after admission, và she was vigorously resuscitated.
On the second post-operative sầu day, she sustained a sudden cardiac arrest without any prodromal signs, và though resuscitation was started immediately, subsequently died.
We created a single binary variable khổng lồ estimate the annual incidence rate of cardiac arrest in hospital settings.
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used when you are explaining what happened in a few words, without giving all the details

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